First post of the new year and I’d like to start of by saying I hope you have a fantastic 2016 that is full of love and happiness.

Last year was a pretty up and down year for Hippychick Creations. It saw us fall down a few times, splatter a fair bit more but I always picked myself up and start a new, which is why I opted for a new look site, still with Tictail at the moment, and lots of lovely new items as well as some firm favourites.

Now, speaking of new, as its a new year, I shall not only be bringing you lots of lovely new items, but a brand spanking new website that is a stand a lone shop, not linked to anyone except little old me. This is taking a bit longer than I originally planned because lets be honest, I may be a dab hand at beads, buttons, glue guns and glass paint, but when it comes to computers, coding and other such technical twaddle, I am what can be quite commonly known as a bit of a doofus!!

So, if you can be a bit patient with me, and send some you can do this vibes my way, I’m pretty sure I will have the new store up and running before the new millenium!!! 😀

In the mean time, the original store is still up and running 24/7 with new items being added frequently.

I’ll sign off now as I have to go and varnish another layer on a brand new nesting box, which will be available soon

See you soon Chicklets

Alison aka Hippychick